March 26, 2011
Matthew Barrett

Matthew Barrett is a concept artist who designs from an organic perspective, drawing from diverse fields to inform his subjects in unique and sensitive ways.  This requires the ability to completely nerd out upon any relevant subject, and M.C.Barrett has that in spades.  He currently nerds out for ArenaNet, and occasionally lets us peek at [...]


October 30, 2010

Daisho is an official sponsor of ANOMALY 2010.
Share, Learn, and Network. Anomaly is a dynamic showcase of talented artists from across North America, a fusion of art workshop and party that brings 2D and 3D artists together to share inspiration and creativity. The showcase will be held on Saturday, October 30th at the Vancouver Aquarium. [...]


October 9, 2010
Tom Scholes

Tom Scholes is a gorilla warrior and a freelance Concept Artist based in Seattle, Washington. He paints inspirational and enigmatic fantasy landscapes with little guys in them. Some developers he has worked with are Disney Interactive, ArenaNet, and Microsoft. You can find his art on his awesome blog, or drop in on his livestream channel.

This event has passed.


March 19, 2010
Daryl Mandryk

Daryl Mandryk is one the top concept artists around. He has worked with many high profile clientele including Disney, EA, Lucasfilm, Blur, Hasbro, Dark Horse Comics, and he has also been published in ImagineFX and many other collections and magazines.  One of his greatest influences is Frazetta, and his favorite things to draw are space-marines and [...]


January 31st, 2010
Jeff Simpson

Jeff Simpson is a concept artist currently working for Ubisoft in Montreal. He studied animation at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design and has since become widely celebrated for his unique personal style. Jeff is charmingly snarky, paranoid of moths and enjoys good sushi. View Jeff’s art and follow his updates from his [...]


August 29, 2009
Jim Yang

Jim Yang is a veteran in figure drawing. He worked as an animator at radical entertainment until 2002, when he left to study traditional illustration at the academy of arts university in San Francisco. Yang is now amoungst its faculty members and teaches for both illustration and fashion departments.
Figure drawing is the cornerstone of traditional [...]


August 1st, 2009
Brennan Massicote

Brennan Massicotte shared his character design techniques and experiences. He demonstrated how to move from an idea to a finished presentation, emphasizing story-telling and core design principals. Discussion included various ways to continue challenging oneself to become a better artist and designer.

This event has passed.


June 20, 2009
Keith Hamilton

Starting with an original script from an action-movie, Keith demonstrated his techniques for developing a story board and bringing it to life.
Keith Hamilton is an art director, concept artist and vfx artist with over 25 years of experience. He has contributed to films such as Changeling, I, Robot, Bait (2000), Stargate Atlantis and Andromeda. He [...]