Stuart Ng

Stuart Ng is a Lead Concept Artist at Relic Entertainment. Before joining Relic, he was the Lead Concept Artist at United Front Games and before that, Threewave Software. His many credits include AAA titles such as Sleeping Dogs, Little Big Planet Karting, Smash + Grab, Disney Infinity 3.0: Marvel Battlegrounds, Army of Two [...]


November 5, 2016
Brennan Massicotte

Brennan Massicotte is the Lead Concept Artist at Blackbird Interactive, where he helped give life to the beautiful Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. His past clients include Syndicate Seven Films, United Front Games, Sequence Post, and Jetpack Interactive. Brennan’s design philosophy emphasizes visual storytelling and pays special attention to the deployment of shapes, color, and light. [...]


October 15, 2016
Patrick Hanenberger

Patrick Hanenberger is the Production Designer of The Lego Movie: Sequel at Animal Logic in Vancouver. Together with his wife Margaret, they run The Neuland, an international design consultancy whose recent clients include Legendary Pictures, Warner Bros, ReelFX, and Google. Patrick started his career as an intern on The Incredibles, before joining Dreamworks where he [...]


August 13, 2016
Tommy Arnold

Tommy Arnold is an illustrator based in Seattle. His clients include Tor Books, Orbit Books, and Wizards of the Coast. Tommy’s work has been featured in numerous art publications including Illustrators 57, Spectrum 23, Communication Arts 57, American Illustration 35 chosen, Illustration West 53, and 54. Before moving to Seattle to pursue freelance [...]


Paul Richards

Paul Richards, monster lover and freelance concept artist, is visiting us from Seattle! His work has graced the servers of many great studios, most recently Vigil Games, Blizzard Entertainment, 343 Industries and Runic Games. Check out his awesome website, where he has tons of art and advice for artists, and follow his journey on Patreon.

This [...]


April 11, 2015
Justin Oaksford

Just Oaksford is a concept and visual development artist at 343 Industries in Seattle. The projects he has worked on include Halo 4-5 and Project Spark. He is also an adjunct professor at Digipen Institute of Technology. You can find his work on his website or tumblr.

This event has passed.


April 25, 2015

Daisho is lending a hand to help bring you Anomaly:
“Share, Learn, and Network. Anomaly is a dynamic showcase of talented artists from across North America, a fusion of art workshop and party that brings a2D and 3D artists together to share inspiration and creativity.”
Background image by Daniel Dociu

This event has passed.


February 28, 2015
Johannes Voss

Johannes Voss is a freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist from Germany. His artistic contributions span the pages of Playboy, the ranks of League of Legends, and the tomes of Magic: The Gathering. “Hannes” is self-taught, and continues to be an advocate for self-education. He leads the online art community and study group Permanoobs. You can [...]


December 13, 2014
Tony Cliff

Born and educated in Vancouver, Tony Cliff is a twelve-year veteran of the local animation industry, having occupied roles throughout the production pipeline, from concept art to storyboarding to animation supervision. His first published comics work was nominated for a Will Eisner award and his most recent book, DELILAH DIRK AND THE TURKISH LIEUTENANT is [...]


Nov 9, 2014
Daniel Chavez

Daniel Chavez is a Senior Concept Artist currently working at 343 Industries. Self taught, he has previously worked at Bungie studios, Blizzard Entertainment and Kojima Productions. Check out Daniel’s work on his website and over on tumblr